Pay Per Send

Pay Per send is a new type of advertisement, it revolutionizes the whole chase of advertisers and publishers of the ever eluding online user. Pay Per Send, will present the online user with the option of sending free SMS and MMS free of charge worldwide. All the messages will be sponsored by the advertiser’s link at the bottom.

Pay Per Send provides the advertisers and publishers a unique option which makes the users search for their advertisement in order to benefit from the free online service. At the same time the advertisers and publishers benefit from the fact that the advertisement is being seen for the first time in advertisement history by 2 people instead of 1.

Pay Per Send solves the problem that advertising agencies have been facing for years.

Pay Per Send limits fraud to a minimum, by identifying each online user, it amasses data and creates a perfect pattern to identify the data through demographic, psychographic and geographic categories.

Pay Per Send takes advertising to a whole new level, for the first time, advertisers will pay money and get results in return.