inbxx Search engine

inbxx is the solution to all online researchers’ problems, it offers a result optimized list 20 times faster than the average search engine based on UX behavior.

The third generation of search engines is displayed in inbxx, it has many important inventions with patent pending status, highlighted by its search box intelligence, 100′s results per query, the hovering pagination of all its data, last but not least the wishlist.

All these tools are created to make the life of the researchers easier and save their time by providing them with the most relevant number of links possible.


- Search box intelligence is the replacement of the auto suggestion, our search box intelligence filters 100′s of auto suggestion in  milliseconds for all users searching for information, and offers them in a display form divided in auto suggestion and sub suggestion perfectly displayed for the user to decide what he wants to look for, thus saving time without letting the user change the query to get his results.

- 100′s results per search query divided through web, images, videos and news in phase 1 (Alpha) with the hope of getting 1000 results (beta) in millisecond offering it in the best method available in our recent technology for UX design.


- The hovering pagination is based on a hovering algorithm, this algorithm allows the user to open page 5 of any category in 5 to 7 seconds. This method changed the concept of SEO (search engine optimization), and allowed the user to be able to browse all possible information available on all pages, thus saving time and getting the maximum needed information per query.


- The wishlist, allows the user to save data in the form of any link from all categories he finds relevant and important to his search on the client side without referring to the server side, , which he can view at any time even offline.

- Inbxx will be adding many more inventions in the coming future.

The creation of Inbxx the search engine has all these features; its name refers to inboxing all these data for the user, indexing all the information needed for the user’s research.


Think Fast , Think Smart…. , Think inbxx!